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Premium hardwood flooring custom cut from the finest old growth trees

Our premium hardwood flooring is produced from only the best Appalachian hardwoods sourced primarily from local Amish sawmills. We regularly visit our mills to inspect and choose logs prior to cutting, and specify the type of cut to generate the highest quality lumber possible. Lumber is thoroughly inspected and graded after arrival to ensure consistency at every step of the process. Our lumber is then air-dried, aged slowly and kiln dried using proprietary processes to minimize stress on our lumber. The kiln dried lumber is graded a third time before milling to ensure that only the best quality lumber is produced into Peachey Hardwood flooring. The milling process is highly precise and within the tight tolerances required by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), which we are a long-standing member. NWFA Factory Finished specifications can be found here.

The unique character of a Peachey Hardwood floor is achieved through the seasoned eyes of our craftsmen who recognize the natural beauty of the trees and understand how we can maximize the desired look of the flooring. Prefinished flooring has finish applied within tight specifications in a controlled environment to produce a consistent, premium quality custom plank floor. Hand distressing and hand finishing options can further enhance the natural beauty of our custom premium hardwood flooring, creating beautiful works of one-of-a-kind art.

Saw used to cut locally sourced wood for premium hardwood flooring

Installation & Care


Peachey Hardwood Flooring should be installed and cared for according to NWFA guidelines which can be found here.

Maintenance & Care

Peachey Prefinished Hardwood Flooring is best cleaned with a clean, slightly damp cloth or mop. Harsh chemicals, oil soap, vinegars or other cleansers should never be used on oil or varnish prefinished floors. If your floor becomes soiled, add a small squirt of mild liquid dish detergent to a bucket of warm water and scrub gently to help remove the stain. Rubio Monocoat floors may be cleaned with special cleaning products. Contact us to obtain these Rubio cleaning products.

Humidity & Your Floor
Proper humidity control throughout the changing seasons is critical to keep your new floor in like new condition and to minimize shrinkage and expansion.


More information about how humidity effects your hardwood floor can be found here.

Understanding Humidity and Your Hardwood Flooring

NWFA All About Water and Wood Article

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Type of Hardwood Flooring – Where To Begin
Choosing a type of hardwood flooring floor can sometimes be an overwhelming task, especially if you are building a new home or remodeling when you have a number of difficult decisions to make. We suggest that you try to start at one of the following points that best suit your preferences:

Species (White Oak, Hickory, Walnut, etc.)
Color (Dark or Light, Brown or Natural, Unfinished, etc.)
Style (Rustic, Vintage, Hand Scraped, etc.)
Size (3,4,5 random, wide plank, etc.)

Our experts are always available to answer your questions and we invite you to visit our showroom and browse our website to determine what type of hardwood flooring might be most suitable for you.

What is the hardest floor and what does Janka mean?

The Janka hardness test is a measure of dent and wear resistance. The Janka test involves measuring the force required to embed a .444” steel ball into the wood to half the ball’s diameter. The Janka test is not a measure of scratch resistance. All hardwood flooring will dent and scratch under the right conditions regardless of the Janka rating. The hardest flooring that we manufacture is generally Hickory or Hard Maple, however all of our hardwood flooring is suitable for use in residential and commercial settings. Refer to our flooring care guide for the proper way to protect the finish on your new floor.

What floor is best for children or pets?

All Peachey Hardwood Flooring is suitable for children or pets. Pet nails must be clipped and smoothed, spills must be immediately cleaned up to prevent staining or moisture damage, and shoes should be removed to prevent scratching by small stones embedded in the soles. Refer to our flooring care guide for the proper way to protect the finish on your new floor.

Can I use hardwood flooring in my kitchen or bathroom?

Hardwood flooring is suitable for kitchen applications. Due to the high moisture content and potential for standing water, we do not recommend installing hardwood flooring in bathrooms or laundry rooms. If you do choose to install hardwood flooring in these locations, the use of an engineered flooring product will help reduce potential moisture related problems but will not eliminate them.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my basement or on a slab?

Hardwood flooring that is installed below grade or on concrete must be of the engineered variety. Peachey Hardwood Flooring manufactures some of the finest engineered flooring in the industry using a thick wear layer and premium quality Baltic Birch plywood with waterproof exterior glue between plies to prevent moisture transfer. Our engineered flooring can be refinished the same number of times as solid wood flooring before infringing on the tongue portion of the floor. The specifications of our engineered flooring are:

What flooring is best for radiant heat?

Radiant heat flooring creates an intense level of heat directly next to the hardwood flooring. This intensity can reduce the moisture in hardwood flooring faster than non-radiant heating. Therefore, we recommend using engineered flooring or narrow rift & quartered Oak cuts over radiant heat. In some cases where narrow plank solid flooring is used in conjunction with special adhesives made specifically for radiant heat applications, solid flooring can be successfully installed. Discuss these installation options with your installer prior to ordering your flooring.

Pre-finished or unfinished?
Generally this is a matter of personal preference however there are a few distinct reasons to choose one over the other:

Peachey Prefinished Hardwood flooring is milled with a small micro-bevel on the sides and ends of the flooring to accommodate for slight variations in the subfloor, unless specified differently. Our prefinished flooring is stained, if desired, and then finished with two coats of extremely durable conversion varnish creating a 3 mil protective layer across the entire floor. This highly durable finish can only be applied at the factory and not in the field. The finish is also very uniform and applied in a controlled environment. Prefinished Rubio Monocoat finishes can also be produced in our manufacturing facility in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Certain custom finishes exclusive to Peachey Hardwood Flooring can only be applied in our facility and cannot be easily duplicated in the field. Consult with your sales professional for additional information.

Peachey Unfinished Hardwood flooring is milled square on the sides and ends without any micro-bevel, unless specified differently. The flooring must then be sanded by a professional installer, filled and cleaned prior to finishing. This method creates more dust throughout your home however it is the right choice for certain custom finishes such as tung oil or other unique finishes that can only be applied in the field due to long drying times.

Conversion Varnish or Rubio Monocoat oil?
Each product has pros and cons.

Conversion varnish is extremely durable and very resistant to wear and scratches. While very durable and wear resistant, all floor finishes can be damaged or scratched. If a conversion varnish finish is damaged, repairing the damaged area can be tricky and is best reserved for a professional refinisher. The finish is a low sheen matte look and requires normal cleaning to maintain the original luster.

Rubio Monocoat oil is a zero VOC (volatile organic compound) finish that is made from natural products that coats in a single pass. Rubio Monocoat allows for unique colors and layering effects not available with other finishing processes, Rubio Monocoat creates a molecular bond between the finish and the wood. Rubio Monocoat is a durable finish with the advantage of being extremely easy to repair, primarily due to the molecular bonding process. The homeowner can repair minor damage by simply applying a coat of colored Rubio maintenance oil. Multiple layer finishes can be tricky to repair and are best left to professional refinishers. Rubio Monocoat does need to be maintained by the homeowner through the simple application of Rubio maintenance oil when the finish becomes dull and worn. This is a simple process that can be completed in 1-2 hours. Refer to http://rubiomonocoatusa.com for further information.

Is your finish safe for my family?

Yes, our conversion varnish and Rubio Monocoat oils pass CARB II compliance standards for VOC emissions.

Will my floor change color over time?

Certain wood species naturally change color over time. In particular, American Cherry darkens to a brownish red patina with exposure to sunlight, and Northern Black Walnut will lighten over time. All flooring is subject to some change over time with the exposure to UV sunrays. This can be especially noticeable in areas where rugs or furniture is covering the flooring, thus preventing any UV exposure. In areas of heavy UV exposure, you may want to consult with a window tint expert if you would like to prevent UV rays from entering your home through the windows. Our conversion varnish finish will not yellow unlike polyurethane finishes that tend to turn yellow with time.

How do I prevent my new floor from cupping or crowning?

Professional installation using NWFA standards, maintaining a humidity level between 35%-55% at all times, and caring for your floor according to our standards will reduce the possibility of cupping or crowning. Wood is still a living thing that absorbs and desorbs water s it is exposed to humidity. Wood will shrink and swell with these humidity changes, however following the guidelines above should minimize these changes within acceptable levels.


Peachey Hardwood Flooring has been delivered all across the United States, Canada and Europe. We have private carriers that deliver within 500 miles of our facility. For distances beyond 500 miles or outside of the United States, we have arrangements with several commercial carriers to carefully transport your flooring to your location. Please contact us for estimates and to make arrangements for delivery. All flooring is sold FOB our facility in Reedsville, PA and delivery is an additional charge.