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Custom made Pennsylvania hardwood flooring

At Peachey Hardwood Flooring, we have been producing the highest quality, custom made plank flooring since 2000. We believe in the beauty of old-world craftsmanship and the tradition of superior customer service. We stand behind every board that carries the Peachey name with our exclusive guarantee of quality, service, beauty and performance.

Our 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is situated on 10 acres in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We are a green company utilizing 100% of the lumber that we source. Waste wood that is not used for flooring is used as biofuel for our kilns, animal bedding or processed into firewood.

Locally sourced & top quality

We are in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish community and proudly employ local Amish and Mennonite craftspeople. We source our lumber primarily from local Amish-owned sawmills and we are proud to have longstanding relationships with our suppliers. These relationships allows us to have consistent top quality Appalachian hardwood cut to our exact specifications with only the best color and quality.

Drill used for custom made wood flooring