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Experience the finest custom handmade Appalachian hardwood flooring available

sawPeachey® Appalachian Plank flooring is hand crafted from the finest Appalachian hardwoods available custom cut by local Amish sawmills to a level of quality and color that is unmatched in the industry. The green lumber is slowly kiln dried at our facility using proprietary processes that reduce the stresses normally found in fast drying, high production lumber operations. Appalachian Plank flooring comes in a variety of species and can be made unfinished, prefinished natural, oil prefinished with Rubio Monocoat, or stained & prefinished in a variety of colors.

Appalachian Plank flooring is offered unfinished or prefinished in two grades:

Natural Character – Milled from high quality Appalachian hardwood while maintaining all of the natural character from Mother Nature. Natural character marks include: sound knots, mineral streaks and other character marks that are a natural part of the tree.

Hand Select – Milled from the highest-grade Appalachian hardwood lumber available containing minimal knots, mineral streaks and character marks. Generally clear material that is selected by hand to represent the highest possible grade of flooring available.


Ash is a dense, hard species with prominent color variation and bold, distinctive grain patterns. Hand Select Ash is bright, almost white in color and creates a classic, timeless look. Stained Ash hardwood flooring allows for interesting, intense color variations and unique grain patterns that stand out to create a stunning floor. Ash is often used as a close substitute for White Oak.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1320

American Cherry

American Cherry is a light hardwood with a red to brown color. It has a fine, stain grain that ages to a deep patina and changes color as it is exposed to light. Cherry is a classic traditional choice that creates elegance and richness.


Janka Hardness Rating: 950


Bold, stunning, full of character. Natural Character Hickory has rich, distinctive color variations, prominent brown lines and a beautiful knotty appearance that set it apart from all other hardwoods. Hickory is a dense, heavy hardwood that works well for flooring. Natural, clear finishes retain all of the variations unique to Hickory, while staining tones down the drama while still allowing the beautiful character to come through. Hickory is very versatile and can be used in rustic as well as modern settings.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1820

Northern Hard Maple

Northern Hard Maple flooring is distinguished from other maple by a denser grain and rich consistent white color. Hard Maple creates a strong, durable floor that provides a clean, contemporary look. Hand Select Maple floors bright white color is achieved by selecting the best trees, harvesting during cold weather to prevent staining and discoloration, then drying the lumber under ideal conditions to create the perfect floor.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1450

Red Oak

Red Oak is a classic hardwood that was prevalent in turn of the century homes. It has patterns of cathedral and linear grain, and has a mix of open and closed grain creating warmth and interest throughout. Red Oak has colors of golden or wheat colored sapwood and reddish heartwood. The neutral colors make it one of the most popular species of flooring and trim available. Peachey Red Oak Hand Select is hand sorted at the mill, during grading and again before milling to ensure that only the finest, clearest and highest quality cuts are used in our Hand Select flooring.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1290

White Oak

Appalachian White Oak has a neutral wheat natural color and consistent grain. White Oak is a versatile, durable and highly sought after species that is ideal for flooring. The straight, medium to coarse open grain allows nearly unlimited custom stain and finish possibilities. White Oak is used for a variety of interesting and unique finishes including European bleeds, wire brushing and antique. White Oak is highly versatile and works well in rustic, traditional and contemporary settings.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1360

White Oak Rift & Quartered

Starting with only the finest Appalachian White Oak, we use a special cutting technique that creates a unique pattern in the flooring full of linear grain and vibrant ray flecks. The process to cut rift & quartered lumber requires time, skill and special equipment, but the end result is a stunning floor that is unique and breathtaking. Rift & Quartered flooring will make a statement in modern, transitional and traditional interiors, and convey a feel of timeless elegance.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1360

Northern Black Walnut

Northern Black Walnut hardwood is rich, distinguished and elegant. Hand Select Walnut can create a clean, contemporary look as well as a rich, traditional appearance. High quality Walnut flooring is highly sought after for the deep, rich almost black or purple color that is unique to the species. The white sapwood creates a unique contrast to the dark heartwood, and can be highlighted or minimized in your custom floor. Walnut is a timeless choice for any décor and creates a handsome richness that is unmatched in any other species.


Janka Hardness Rating: 1010