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Quartersawn boards have end grain with growth rings of 60 – 90 degrees to the surface where the medullary rays of the lumber are split during the cutting process causing a unique “fleck” pattern to emerge. This pattern is most pronounced in White Oak flooring and it creates a very unique look.

Rift & Quartersawn is stocked in White Oak with limited availability in Red Oak, Hickory, Black Walnut and Hard Maple.

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Riftsawn boards have end grain with growth rings of 45 degrees to the surface producing a very linear grain pattern. Riftsawn lumber is produced from the outer wedge of the quartersawing process as the sawyer works his way from the inside to the outside of the wedge. Riftsawn boards tend to be narrower and it is often difficult to produce riftsawn boards wider than 5 inches, which is why rift and quartered boards are often combined together to make flooring. Rift and quartersawn flooring also requires more time, care and special equipment to cut, resulting in more expensive raw materials.

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